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Welcome to Original Drabbles, a place where you can write original fiction drabbles and get opinions and comments from your peers on your work! Weekly challenges will be issued in the form of prompts, pictures, quotes, or vague scenario to inspire our writers. Whatever your interpretation of it is, write it.

Community posting is members only, so you must be a member to post and to comment.

New members have to post an introduction post and drabble their first week.

All drabbles must be between 100 words and less than 1,000 words. All drabbles 400+ and multiple drabble posts must use a LJ cut. Don't know what an lj cut is? Click *here*

Please use this format when introducing your drabble:
Word Count:

When the challenge for the week is issued it will also be tagged. Tag your drabbles for the challenge with the same tag as well as your user name. This will make all your drabbles easier to find later incase you want to refer to them or a particular challenge for anything.

If posting more than one drabble try to keep it to one entry, just separate each drabble by its introduction.

Spell check your work before you post it. Even if the computer program you write on doesn't have a spell check, LJ does.

When reviewing try to explain more than just "Wow, that rocked my socks right off!", say why. This lets the writer know what they're doing that's positive. If you didn't like it, keep it to yourself with the exception of a critique (as explained below),

This is an open idea community so what ever you want to write is fine. But keep in mind that some other people in the community might be offended if you have a delicate or brutal subject matter in your drabble. That's what the Rating and A/N is for. Please use them. If you are someone who wants to avoid certain topics or ratings, please observe them.

If you mark "yes" for Critique this means you are saying that you are ok with negative input for constructive criticism. The reason that we are specifying a critique option is that some people, even though they love to write, are simply not good at taking a negative review. If you did not like a drabble and the critique option is yes then, same as for reviewing, say why you did not like the piece and what did not work for you. This can be anything from opinion to grammatical errors. What we do ask is if the author says yes to the critique they do not start drama. If a mod sees a critique situation get out of hand we will comment to stop it. If we notice that a particular author has a problem with critiques but still asks for them they will be politely asked to remove it as an option from their drabbles.

An idea under construction.

For challenge suggestion we have a Suggestion Box.

If you have a complaint it can be put in the Complaint Box.

Anything that does not fit into either of those can be placed in the Contact Box.

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